Megmilk Snow Brand Growing-Up Milk is specially prepared for your child's growing years and are available in two variants:



1 to 3 years: Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Kid



4 years & above: Megmilk Snow Brand Super Neo Kid



The Goodness of Pure Natural Milk

Children require well-balanced nutrition to support their rapid physical growth and mental development during their early childhood. At the same time, maintaining a healthy digestive system and building a strong immune system are equally important.

Brimming with the goodness and taste of pure natural milk, Megmilk Snow Brand Premium Growing-Up Milk helps meet important aspects of your child’s growth. Megmilk Snow Brand Step 3 Neo Kid is specially formulated for children between one and three, while Step 4 Super Neo Kid is for children four years and over. Both contain:

Phospholipids, fortified with Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine

  • Promote optimal brain health and function

  • Enhance cognitive development, memory formation and retention, and cellular communication

  • Associated with improved memory and learning ability

  • Essential for growth and proper function of cells

  • Phospholipids also help maintain digestive health


Find out more about Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine HERE

Sphingolipids, fortified with Sphingomyelin

and Gangliosides

  • Play key roles in enhancing brain function, mental development, learning ability and memory formation

  • Regulate cell growth and are important for cell recognition, cell signaling and cell communication

  • Enhance gastrointestinal maturation and health

  • Protect against bacterial toxins and infection

  • Aid in regulating cholesterol and may even help reduce the risk of colon cancer

Find out more about Sphingolipids, Sphingomyelin and Gangliosides HERE

DHA, ARA, SA & Choline

  • Important for brain, visual, neural and immune system development

  • Aid memory formation and performance

  • Help increase learning ability

5 Types of Nucleotides

  • Help increase levels of DHA and ARA in the body

  • Help improve memory and learning ability

  • Help build a healthy immune system

Oligosaccharide (Galactosyllactose)

  • Promotes growth of Bifidobacteria in the intestines for healthy digestive system

  • Helps reduce constipation


With no added sugar and flavouring, Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Kid and Super Neo Kid retain the all-natural taste and goodness of milk that children love!

Megmilk Snow Brand Growing-Up Milk is made in Australia and are available in 900-gram packing.



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At the Forefront of Milk Innovation

Scientists at Megmilk Snow Brand are constantly developing breakthroughs in nutrition. As an innovator of dairy products, one of Megmilk Snow Brand’s most important breakthroughs is the use of Sphingolipids in milk formula. In Malaysia for over 40 years, Megmilk Snow Brand has helped children grow smart and strong with its premium quality products.

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