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Megmilk Snow Brand MBP NeoMilk
Special Milk Formula for Strong Bones & Overall Health

MBP® NEOMILK is a specially formulated nutritious milk formula that contains MBP®. It is low in fat and high in Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium to help promote and maintain strong and healthy bones.



Helps maintain optimum body weight



Aids in the development of strong bones and teeth



Helps the body utilise calcium and phosphorus



Promotes calcium absorption and retention



MBP® is an active complex of natural proteins found in trace amounts in bovine and human milk. The benefit of MBP® for bone health was discovered and scientifically proven in 1993 by MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd.

For academic and clinical research papers on MBP®, click here.



MBP® increases the amount of bone-forming osteoblast cells while simultaneously suppresses excessive activity of bone-destroying osteoclast cells.

In unhealthy bones, osteoclasts are overactive, dissolving too much calcium and collagen.

Osteoblast cell activity is increased while excessive osteoclast activity is reduced. This results in healthy bone metabolism.


Bones are made of calcium and collagen. If bones resembled reinforced concrete, calcium would be the cement, and collagen the reinforcing rods. Collagen supports calcium absorption and helps bind calcium together to form new bone. In adults, bones are completely regenerated every three years. 


High calcium intake without proper functioning of bone cells results in wastage as bones will not be able to effectively use the calcium consumed. 


MBP® makes bones more receptive to calcium by stimulating osteoblast cells that encourage collagen production. It also suppresses osteoclast cells from excessively dissolving calcium and collagen in the bone. These two actions optimises the utilisation of calcium we derive from milk and other sources to build strong, healthy bones.

The Effects and Key Characteristics of MBP®

  • Increases the number of bone-forming osteoblast cells

  • Encourages collagen production

  • Suppresses excessive activity of bone-destroying osteoclast cells

  • Helps maintain healthy bone metabolism

For detailed information on MBP®, click here.



In tests where people drank MBP® daily, improved bone metabolism was confirmed after 3 months and enhanced bone density after 6 months. It is important to consistently consume MBP® as bone metabolism progresses at an extremely gradual pace. As bones are reborn each day, it is beneficial to drink MBP® daily.

Scientific tests were conducted on healthy women aged 20s to 50s. The group that consumed 40mg of MBP® daily for 6 months showed an average increase of 3% in bone mineral density of the radius (a forearm bone near the wrist).

Yamamura, J., Aoe, S., Toba, Y., Motouri, M., Kawakami, H., Kumegawa, M., Itabashi, A., and Takada, Y., Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 66(3), 702-704 (2002)


MBP® NEOMILK is suitable for:


  • growing children to encourage skeletal growth 

  • pregnant and lactating women to maintain bone mass

  • adults to strengthen bones

  • elderly to prevent onset of osteopenia and severe stages of osteoporosis*


* Osteoporosis is a disease that reduces the density of bones. Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis, particularly during menopause as declining estrogen levels cause excess osteoclast activity which destroys bones at an increased rate. MBP® helps control excess osteoclast activity, resulting in balanced bone metabolism.



Two servings daily of MBP® NEOMILK provides 40mg of MBP® and meets daily requirement of Calcium*.

Add 4 scoops of MBP® NEOMILK to 200ml of water and stir thoroughly. You can also add MBP® NEOMILK to your coffee, tea, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal or muesli for your enjoyment.

* Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) USA & Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) Malaysia



The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan awarded FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use) status to the product manufactured by MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd. Mainichi Hone Kea MBP® allowing its label to state “This product contains MBP® that effects increase in bone density”.

MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd. was bestowed the prestigious 2005 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Industrial Achievement Award for MBP® in recognition of an outstanding food product.


MBP® is a registered trade mark of MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd.


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