Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Soft is a delicious vegetable oil spread that tastes like first-class butter.

Made from the finest mix of non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and brimming with Vitamins A & E and Omega 3 & 6, Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Soft Spread represents a healthy and nutritious alternative to butter and margarine.

Rich in vitamins and cholesterol-free, Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Soft spread is perfect for spreading and topping your favorite family foods. Ideal for people who care about healthy eating, every box of Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Soft Spread comes sealed for hygiene and freshness for the whole family to enjoy any time, any day!

Megmilk Snow Brand Neo Soft Spread is available in 160g and 320g pack sizes at selected supermarket and grocery outlets.

At the Forefront of Milk Innovation

Scientists at Megmilk Snow Brand are constantly developing breakthroughs in nutrition. As an innovator of dairy products, one of Megmilk Snow Brand’s most important breakthroughs is the use of Sphingolipids in milk formula. In Malaysia for over 40 years, Megmilk Snow Brand has helped children grow smart and strong with its premium quality products.

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